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Full Circle Cannabis Consultations (F.C.C.C.) is a company dedicated to providing quality educational and legal products and services, for the cannabis industry within California, and beyond. F.C.C.C. proudly offers an ever expanding catalog of products and services that utilize our skills and knowledge to help you navigate through the ever changing legal and political atmosphere of the Cannabis Industry. Our current Product and Service line includes the following: New 2017 – 2018  Edition California Cannabis Industry Operations and Compliance Manual; Complete Local Ordinance Tracking Service; Consultations with State and Local Licensing Authorities; Business Formation – Research and Development Service (*);  New 2017 – 2018 Edition California Cannabis Court Case Compendium; Expert Witness Services, and; Third Party Assessment Services.

F.C.C.C. maintains a network of independent professional services, having decades of combined experience in a variety of useful and relevant fields. Our own consultants have direct experience with forming and operating cannabis related organizations, farming cannabis lawfully, forming political organizations and providing consistent educational and legal services to the industry for the past 20 years. Our products and services are helpful for everyone, including single patients or at-home recreational consumers, small primary caregiver associations or non-profit organizations, commercial license applicants, and attorneys representing clients in administrative, civil or criminal proceedings. Browse our products and services below, click on a link of your desired topic and feel free to contact us through this website and our social media profiles in the sidebar. We look forward to assisting you.

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Our Services and Products include:

Court Services

  • Expert Witness in court cases, with experience in criminal, civil, administrative, state and federal jurisdictions
  • Legal Assistance developing  case strategies with attorney(s)
  • Referrals to experienced attorneys, private investigators and other expert witnesses
  • Available for both private and public pay cases
  • Evidence Examinations and Reports
  • Much more!

Business Formation

  • Research and Development assistance in forming cannabis businesses and organizations
  • Professional Referrals to licensed Attorneys, CPA’s, Insurance Brokers, Environmental Consultants, Physicians, Real Estate Brokers, etc.
  • On Call Services for troubleshooting problems
  • Location Searches with Local Ordinance Tracking
  • Licensing Requirements under M.C.R.S.A. and A.U.M.A.
  • Much More!

Educational Products and Services

  • Seminars Available by Appointment
  • Hear from Experts in the Industry
  • Variety of Topics and Speakers
  • Blu-Ray and DVDs of Previous Seminars
  • 2017 Edition-California Cannabis Industry-Operations and Compliance Manual

Political Consultations

  • Consultations with State and Local Licensing Agencies
  • Consultations with Local Law Makers
  • Help to develop and improve public relations
  • Referrals to larger consulting firms and lobbyists
  • Referrals to starting local chapters of 501-C-4 and Political Action Committee

Just here to talk or ask questions about Medical Cannabis?

We can do that too! This site is designed for an open dialogue regarding Medical Cannabis. Leave a comment about the article you just read, Share the articles you like on Social Media, join a discussion about it on the Forum or contact us directly. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Our Blog:

  • Timely News Articles regarding California’s Cannabis Industry
  • Expert Witness Comments with updated legal analysis and suggestions
  • Our take on the Laws that govern Medical, Recreational and Industrial Cannabis
  • Everything Cannabis !

Contact Page

  • Contact Forms for every service
  • Send an Email to one of our departments
  • Direct Connections to our Professionals
  • Ask us anything!

It’s the Law:

    • Current Laws in all Medical Cannabis States
    • Previous regulations and proposals that lead to current Laws
    • Statutes showing the implementation of the Laws
    • Amicus Briefs and Court Cases that show the intent of the Laws

These are the Gov’t documents you are looking for. We are creating an expanding list of laws, official papers and court cases from around the U.S. that have sculpted the Medical Cannabis industry. These will be further discussed and dissected in our forum.

Coming Soon!!

      • Full Fledged Forum: Join the discussion on all things cannabis. Don’t pass up the chance to add your two cents! Have a question you can’t find the answer to? This is the place to go.
      • Medical Journals They say there is no medical evidence…we’ll have it here! Also testimonials from you, our members. Share with us how Cannabis has helped you.
      • Speak Up, Speak Out! Here is the place to go to raise some political Hell! Form letters, Gov’t contacts, advice on political actions, complaint forms, and more! Let your voice be heard and add it to the collective voice of Cannabis Patients from across the country.

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  1. Glad to see a site like this. I help out in the local PDX/ The Couve area. I am an insurance agent that services the medical marijuana community here in the Pacific NW. I provide MMJ insurance. We need protection just like everyone else.

  2. I am searching for a career in the field of marijuana legalization. I am a recently certified paralegal with extensive sales and marketing experience. Please contact me about a position with your company. You are doing important work and I would love to be on the front lines!

    • Hello Jeri,

      What state (and if in California, which county/city) do you reside in? I suspect that we can use sales and marketing people from any cannabis-use state, including all over California. And our court-services department might benefit from adding a paralegal…we work for a lot of attorneys, in the criminal and civil courts, and we also network with a private investigation firm. I’m particular interested in expanding our court services into areas that could use a qualified expert witness, so that we gain new attorney clients and can train locals to become qualified experts, working under our firm. Please let me know your location and send me your resume or c.v., to jasonbrowne@fullcirclecannabis.com
      Thank You

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