Our Mission

The primary purposes of this Consulting Firm are to:

  • Consult with clients residing within any State or Territory (including Washington DC) that recognizes the medical, industrial or otherwise legal uses of cannabis, regarding their application, registration and business formation needs;
  • Provide operations guidelines and staff training materials for all cannabis “chain-of-title” industries;
  • Encourage the lawful formation of Associations made up of qualified individuals within California;
  • Render court services in criminal defense and civil litigation cases involving medical cannabis (expert testimony and courtroom investigations);
  • Offer educational services to the public, to the cannabis industry and to the professional community, both in-person and online;
  • Offer consultations to individuals, organizations, agencies and businesses that are directly or indirectly involved with the cannabis industry;
  • Publish educational and training materials, in various formats;
  • Offer educational and supportive presentations on behalf of our clients
    to public agencies and private associations, and;
  • Network with other professionals, in the form of Joint Marketing
    Agreements and other forms of association, in order to provide our clients with a superior profile of professional referral services.

To achieve these ends, we shall endeavor to:

  • Provide updated proprietary documents on a regular basis, for use by our clients or for purchase online;
  • Produce or co-produce educational events and create or co-create educational products and materials;
  • Maintain multi-media updates and forums of communication regarding these subjects; Continue to provide private and public Consultations;
  • Continue to provide Court Services in cannabis related civil or criminal matters;
  • Link to other sites that provide useful services or information that facilitates the fulfillment of our mission, and;
  • Continue to enter into joint marketing agreements with other product and service providers, in order to better assist our clients and subscribers.

Our hope is to provide a well-rounded viewpoint regarding medical cannabis issues, in order to promote the greatest respect for cannabis as medicine that we can, while exploring the laws, police interactions and courtroom realities in such a way that more people understand how to preserve their rights and reduce complications early on. Not only are these materials and methods vetted through attorneys, accountants and other professionals, but we have also tested them ourselves, so that we’re in a better position to teach our clients how to conduct lawful operations. We have developed Better Business Practices for dispensing associations that bring new levels of professionalism and offer improved advantages in potential criminal or civil court proceedings.

And we are developing Better Farming Practices for collective or cooperative patient gardens that will help set the bar for quality control standards and guidelines for natural and organic growing methods, under internationally recognized standards.

We want to help end discrimination against qualified individuals and those who support them, by empowering people to know the rules of cannabis cultivation and dispensation, by educating and consulting with operations in order to foster their compliance with State laws and by encouraging people to understand and defend their rights.

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