Operations and Compliance Manual

California Operations and Compliance Manual 2017

Welcome to the most comprehensive cannabis industry manual on the market in California today.

This multi-chapter, E-Book and Printable Manual covers every aspect of your California Canna-Business formation and operational needs.

It contains explanations on all non-profit and for-profit options, direct access non-commercial options, compliance with the Compassionate Use Act and Medical Marijuana Program Act, and Licensing Requirements under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This binder includes Hyper-Links to every local city and county municipal code regarding cannabis Licensing and Regulations in California.

It includes Policies and Procedures for your Staff, based on State and Federal workplace standards. And it includes amazing Professional Referrals for a wide array of ancillary and auxiliary services that will benefit your operations. And most importantly, it contains direct Links and explanations for each document required from every State and Local Licensing Agency in California, in order to obtain your commercial cannabis licenses under M.C.R.S.A. and A.U.M.A.

This is your one-stop-shop for compliance with California laws, whether you plan on growing your own cannabis under the model of direct access, or obtaining your commercial license and selecting the best location for your operations.

This Manual is meant for people who want to oversee and understand each aspect of their business or organization, as they seek to comply fully with California laws.

The total cost of the Manual is $1500, and we make it easy for you with installment options of $500 each, with receipt of the digital download with the final payment. You can pay in 1, 2 or 3 installments, at your convenience. Just select the quantity that you want to pay on the Order, in the $500 increments.

Operations and Compliance Manual Customize & Order
Price: $500.00

Business Formation Counseling and Facilitation

Available for yearly retainer that includes updated document creation and training, access to professional referral services, on-call trouble-shooting, customized Operations and Compliance Manual that includes your own logo and company information and updated local guidelines. Also includes non-legal advise based on decades of combined experience assisting patient associations with their formation and compliance related questions.

Key Benefits

The Operation and Compliance manual comes with our retainer for all Business Formation Counseling and Third-Party Assessment Services. Advantages of these two services, and of the Manual, include:

  • Determining probable plant yields;
  • Verifying personal and aggregate use amounts;
  • Recognizing methods of delivery to the body and calculating the corresponding amounts of dry cannabis required to manufacture various plant conversions;
  • Verifying the status and replacement values of equipment, materials and other real property;
  • Understanding Federal, State and Local medical cannabis guidelines;
  • Assistance with Business Formation questions;
  • Understanding patient Associations, Collectives and Cooperatives;
  • Surviving law enforcement interactions;
  • Understanding Primary Caregivers and Patient Assistants;
  • Understanding the differences between Direct Access and retail markets, the significance of Closed Loop Systems and qualifying for  Full Circle Tracking to show due diligence compliance with the Non-Diversion standards adopted by the Office of the Attorney General of California;
  • Access to Professional Referral Services.