Full Circle Cannabis Consultations (Full Circle) proudly offers an ever expanding catalogue of services for our clients. In addition, we provide Exclusive Referrals to a variety of services including accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers, business formation services, point of sales services, security firms, physicians, testing laboratories, schools, real estate agents, and more.


Full Circle provides you with direct access to a high quality legal defense team who specialize in medical cannabis.  We provide expert witness testimony, courtroom investigations, facilitate legal strategies and private investigative services. Our experienced staff is available to independently view and weigh evidence, interview clients and witnesses, investigate case law, and more.
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Full Circle contracts with the attorneys of Berg and Associates and industry experts to assist you with designing a personalized organization model curtailed to your specific needs. Our areas of expertise include the operations of cannabis farms, cannabis dispensaries, cannabis delivery services and cannabis use-friendly facilities. Our firm helps you to navigate the bureaucracies and file the appropriate documents to establish your organization(s) in a manner that best suits your expectations and goals.
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Our consultants are available for speaking, teaching or hosting for events, forums and seminars. With this service we provide representatives of professional businesses, the medical cannabis industry, the healthcare industry and our patient and farming communities. With courses that represent the leading edge of implementation models in California, our seminars are intended to facilitate the reasonable implementation of the C.U.A. and M.M.P.A. in California and proper business and personal practices to protect patients from persecution and prosecution.
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We are referring all Political Consultations to California Liberty Alliance and California Liberty Alliance P.A.C.