Education and Seminars

Licensing Consultations (MCRSA/AUMA)


Licensing Consultations Retainer Customize & Order
Price: $750


Price: $750

Licensing Consultations Hourly (Less than 30 Hours per Year) Customize & Order
Price: $150.00

Licensing Consultations Additional Hours (30 Hours or More per Year) Customize & Order
Price: $100.00

California Operations and Compliance Manual 2017

To order a copy of the 2017 California Operations and Compliance Manual, please click here, for more information.


1/3 Installment Cal. Operations Customize & Order
Price: $500.00

Live Seminars

Our consultants are available for speaking, teaching or hosting for events, forums and seminars. With this service we provide representatives of professional businesses, the medical cannabis industry, the healthcare industry and our patient and farming communities. With courses that represent the leading edge of implementation models in California, our seminars are intended to facilitate the reasonable implementation of the C.U.A. and M.M.P.A. in California and proper business and personal practices to protect patients from persecution and prosecution.

Fee Schedule for Speaking Engagements
fcccdownloadbtnDownload our Fee Schedule for Speaking Engagements (PDF).
Fill out our Education Department contact form to schedule a speaking engagement at your Organization or to receive a calendar of upcoming events sponsored by Full Circle and our partners.