Court Services

Court Services
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Our organization’s Court Services Department can assist you and your attorney to ensure that you get the best defense under the law. Our primary expert witness, Jason Browne, has qualified in over 16 counties in California and is prepared to qualify under Voi-Dire anywhere else in California, any State or Territory with medical cannabis laws, or in Federal Court. He has qualified as an expert approximately 150 times and maintains 17 years of experience in Medical Cannabis. See Jason Browne’s bio, and download his CV for your records.

Our Standard Court Services Include:

  • Marijuana Related Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation
  • Examinations of Evidence, including independent observations and weighing, preparation of written reports on request, production of Inventory Sheets and testimony regarding the findings
  • Examinations of all relevant discovery and preparation of case analysis
  • Independently interviewing witnesses, taking photographic or video evidence, taking measurements and analyzing data, as needed
  • Legal research and assistance with development of points and authorities
  • Interviewing professionals or other experts and review of educational materials and publications, for offers of allowable hearsay testimony, and
  • Serving as courtroom investigator for the defense, during proceedings where witnesses are normally barred from the courtroom. This service includes assistance with legal research, taking notes and offering reminders during direct or cross examinations and assisting with input regarding case strategy in between court sessions.
  • Provide testimony on the methods of delivery employed by patients using cannabis (including but not limited to: inhaled smoke, inhaled vapor, oral consumption (edibles), topical applications and salves, etc.) in relation to the amounts of raw cannabis required to manufacture these conversions.
    Providing assessments of the ratios of usable and non-usable cannabis plant materials required to manufacture cannabis in all forms for medical use.
  • Provide testimony on cannabis cultivation techniques, crop loss evaluations, security protocols, infrastructure and operational costs, plant numbers to yield comparisons for indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, soil based and hydroponic gardens.
  • Provide testimony regarding the legal and accepted definitions of primary caregivers and personal assistants, associations, collectives and cooperatives, their protected rights and their professional relationships with qualified patients.

Why use FCCC?

  • Full Circle Cannabis Consultations work directly with several industry professionals, including; CPAs, Insurance Brokers, Attorneys, Medical Cannabis Physicians, Real Estate Brokers, Private Investigators and Security Professionals. Some of these business associates are also available for expert testimony ( independently) upon request
  • Our services will reduce the amount of footwork that your attorney needs to do for your case.
  • We work with Public Defenders to develop court strategies specific to current Cannabis Laws to give you the best defense possible when you can’t afford an attorney experienced in Medical Cannabis laws.
  • Over 30 years of combined experience in the Cannabis Industry have put FCCC in contact, and good standing, with a variety of industry professionals. Have our experience and experts behind you in your case.

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Lawyers: If you are interested in retaining our Court Services, please read / download, sign, and return our Fee Schedule Agreement (PDF) here. For all public pay cases, consultant reserves right to assign third party financing and will inform attorney of payment information upon court authorization of funds.

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Questions for Voi Dire and Direct Examination of Expert Witness
by Jason Browne

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