Ballot Measure

Proposition 215
Senate Bill 420


Cal. Health & Saf. Code, § 11362.5 (1996) (Implementation of Prop 215).
Cal. Health & Saf. Code, §§ 11362.7 – 11362.83 (2003) (Implementation of SB 420).

Additional Guidelines

CA Attorney General Guidelines

California Attorney General Papers

Lockyer Responce to Craver (2003)
– Written by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer in responce to the question of Proposition 215’s definition of marijuana to include hashish posed by Mendocino Sheriff Anthony J. Craver.
Guidelines for Marijuana Grown for Medical Use (2008)
– Written by CA Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr.
Harris Letter on Medical Marijuana Legislation (2011)(part 1)
– Written by California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris
Harris Letter on Medical Marijuana Legislation (2011)(part 2)
– Written by California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris

Letters from the Authors

Letter of Intent of Senate Bill 420
– Written by John Vasconcellos and Mark Leno, authors of SB 420.
Letter on Intent of SB 420 regarding “sale for profit”
– Written by John Vasconcellos

County and City Ordinances

Click here to see ordinances from around California

For Direct Information

California Health Department MMJ Program

California Department of Public Health
PO Box 997377, MS 0500
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377
Ph:(916) 558-1784
For relay services for the hearing impaired or speech impaired, please call:
MCI from TDD 1-800-735-2929 or MCI from voice telephone 1-800-735-2922
Sprint from TDD 1-888-877-5378 or Sprint from voice telephone 1-888-877-5379

California Proposition 64 (The Adult Use of Marijuana Act) (2016)

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