Jason Browne became active in the cannabis movement in 1995, as a volunteer with Cannabis Action Network in Humboldt County. While there, he gathered signatures for Proposition 215, registered voters and promoted its passage by co-producing concerts and events. After the Compassionate Use Act was passed into law, he helped organize “Clinic 215”, which was later incorporated as “Humboldt Medical Cannabis Center”. This was the first dispensary in Humboldt County, serving north-coast patients consistently for five years, from 1997 – 2001. Jason also co-founded several organizations dedicated to the implementation of California’s medicinal cannabis laws, including the “Medical Cannabis Association” and “Patients’ Health Defense”. After the closure of H.M.C.C. in 2001, Jason went on to formulate the “Direct Access” model of cannabis cultivation and distribution and went on to assist hundreds of qualified individuals with accessing 100% of their medical cannabis needs for 17 years. He did this by directly serving as the garden administrator / master gardener for cannabis collectives in Humboldt and Tehama Counties, and by assisting many qualified individuals with forming their own collectives and cooperatives throughout California.

Jason is currently the sole owner of Full Circle Cannabis Consultations, and he anticipates expanding its operations and reforming as a Limited Liability Company. Services offered by F.C.C.C. include: Providing expert testimony, legal assistance and courtroom investigation services in cannabis and hemp related criminal and civil matters; Providing research and development services for administrative hearings and abatement hearings; Production of educational products for the cannabis industry; Consultations regarding business formation goals, and; Assistance navigating state and local licensing & regulatory requirements for commercial cannabis and hemp applicants. His educational products include: Creation of customized Operations and Compliance Manuals, and; Notarized third-party assessments regarding potential plant yields, aggregate consumer demands and plant conversion requirements for manufactured products.

Jason has revised two organizations that he started in 2014 and then mothballed. He serves as an Executive Director for a 501-C-4 called Cannabis Liberation League – CA (formerly “California Liberty Alliance”), and he serves as an administrator of its state-wide Political Action Committee. C.L.L.-CA engages in local chapter building throughout California, providing advocacy on behalf of its membership through educational and legal means, with the P.A.C. able to engage with local and state political campaigns and ballot measures. Both organizations work together supporting efforts to replace local bans and abatement schemes with reasonable cannabis regulations that allow for personal cultivation and commercial licensure.

Jason is the founder of Emerald Coast Holding Company, a real estate and equipment holding corporation that is currently seeking angel investors and royalty-based financing, to launch operations by 2019 / 2020. For more information, please visit:

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For a detailed summary of my experiences related to medical cannabis, please read my Curriculum Vitae. The following is an expose into some of the more interesting and memorable contributions I’ve made since 1995/1996, when the Compassionate Use Act was placed on the ballot and then became the law of the land, here in California. I have previously served as an instructor for Oaksterdam University and Cannabis Career Institute, and I continue to offer my services as an expert witness, educator and industry consultant.
Co-authored the first ID cards for qualified patients and their primary caregivers in the state of California (City of Arcata, 1997).

For a detailed summary of my experiences related to medical cannabis, please read my Curriculum Vitae. The following is an expose into some of the more interesting and memorable contributions I’ve made since 1995/1996, when the Compassionate Use Act was placed on the ballot and then became the law of the land, here in California. I have previously served as an instructor for Oaksterdam University and Cannabis Career Institute, and I continue to offer my services as an expert witness, educator and industry consultant.

For a detailed summary of my experiences related to medical cannabis, please read my Curriculum Vitae. The following is an expose into some of the more interesting and memorable contributions I’ve made since 1995/1996, when the Compassionate Use Act was placed on the ballot and then became the law of the land, here in California. I have previously served as an instructor for Oaksterdam University and Cannabis Career Institute, and I continue to offer my services as an expert witness, educator and industry consultant.

  • Co-authored the first ID cards for qualified patients and their primary caregivers in the state of California (City of Arcata, 1997).
  • Co-authored supportive resolution and subsequent city ordinance with the City Council of Arcata in 1997 and 1998.
  • Co-founded and served the first cannabis dispensary and patient collective in Humboldt County (Humboldt Medical Cannabis Center), from 1997 – 2001.
  • Operated the first collective cannabis garden in Tehama County (1998). This was also the first and only medical cannabis garden to pass an official inspection by the California Department of Justice and Attorney General’s Office.
  • During our second year, ours was the first and only medical cannabis garden to receive an official inspection by our local police and district attorney’s office, with photos taken, evidence tags placed on plants, interviews conducted, medical claims investigated and culminating in the removal of the tags and a letter of compliance issued to our garden.
  • Served on the “215 Committee” for the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors for 2-3 years, where we successfully lobbied the county department of public health to assume responsibility for making the ID cards from the Arcata Police Department (expending the ID card service county-wide), years before California finally started issuing ID cards throughout the state.
  • Attended the first California cannabis providers’ consortium, where representatives of most existing cannabis dispensaries met to discuss ways of networking our resources and policing ourselves, as an industry.
  • Hosted patient intakes for Dr. Tod Mikuriya in Arcata and Red Bluff, several times, over a period of several years. This enabled many patients to get their approvals without traveling across the state and encouraged other cannabis specialists to set up their own practices and take up the slack.
  • Co-founded Medical Cannabis Association, a California based trade association aimed at regulating the cannabis industry from within.
  • Attended meetings with the initial Board of Officers for Classic Pharmaceuticals, an organization founded by Tod Mikuriya, aimed at re-introducing cannabis-based medicines into the American Pharmacopeia.
  • Taught courses on two different occasions for the “Medical Marijuana School”, at Chico State University.
  • Sat on panels during public presentations and debates surrounding the medical cannabis laws, at Humboldt State University.
  • Testified as an expert witness in the first major medical cannabis case in Shasta County (People v. Levin) that our side won.
  • Initiated and received the first court-ordered return of property against the Arcata Police Department, for items seized during a raid where there was no intent to prosecute.
  • Testified as a percipient witness against a corrupt law enforcement officer in the Medical Board Hearing of Tod Mikuriya.
  • Co-founded Patients’ Health Defense, a San Francisco based patient union promoting a model of direct access for bay area patients.
  • Presented information to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors regarding the adoption of Measure S. Also educated them regarding the plight of patients caught between overzealous law enforcement officers and greedy cannabis dispensaries.
  • Presented points and authorities to the Hoopa Tribal Council regarding anti-discrimination measures and the cultivation of medical cannabis on tribal lands.
  • Corresponded with state legislators and state attorneys general regarding implementation models for the Compassionate Use Act in California.
  • Maintained collective cannabis garden for 16 years, in compliance with California laws.
  • Presented information to the Red Bluff City Council and facilitated the addition of physician exemptions, as amendments to the officers’ field manual of the Red Bluff Police Department, when the city adopted the state minimum threshold of 8 ounces and 6/12 plants per patient.
  • I was the first person in Tehama County to apply for and receive the state ID card, when they were finally made available throughout most of California.
  • Our garden collective was among those featured in the documentary film “Dispensing Cannabis, the California Story”.
  • Presented information to the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors in support of them not reducing county guidelines to California’s minimum threshold. In the end, after much public outcry, the Board decided not to reduce the guidelines, and instead opted out of having county guidelines at all.
  • Assisted local north-state patient with getting conviction overturned by California Appeals Court, in a case in which I had testified as the defense expert, where local judge and prosecutor had misled jurors about the laws of California.
  • Assisted with the Production of the 2010 WHEE Festival in Red Bluff, California. I provided stage equipment, helped manage the stage and served as liaison to the performers (my first career interest and primary motivation to this day was and is working in the music production industry).
  • Served briefly on the Executive Board of Americans for Safe Access (ASA National).
  • Occasionally serve as an instructor at cannabis schools throughout California, and other States.
  • Currently serve as a consultant with Full Circle Cannabis Consultations, a firm dedicated to promoting better business practices and better farming practices throughout the cannabis industry.
  • Continue to serve as an expert witness to the courts. I have testified as an expert witness since 1998.
  • Continue to serve as a business formation and commercial licensing consultant for California’s cannabis industry.
  • Co-founded California Liberty Alliance (a 501-C-4) and California Liberty Alliance P.A.C. in 2014, mothballed both organizations in 2016, and have re-launched them in 2019 under a new name and with a new board of directors. I currently serve as an executive director of Cannabis Liberation League – CA and the CLL-CA PAC. These organizations operate independently and work together to protect and defend the rights of cannabis users and to promote a vibrant cannabis industry throughout California.
  • Founded Emerald Coast Holding Company in late 2016. We are currently accepting angel investment and royalty-based financing, offering common stock in the cannabis real estate and equipment holding sectors. Our goal is to formally launch operations in 2020 / 2021.


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Jason Raising Hand in Cannabis Garden

I currently offer my services as an expert witness, courtroom investigator and legal assistant to attorneys in cannabis related matters. I have been providing these services throughout California since 1998. My expertise can be of great assistance to clients defending against criminal charges or dealing with pending civil court matters or administrative hearings, relating to cannabis “marijuana”. I have qualified as an expert in both state and federal courts, in at least 19 jurisdictions, and am prepared to qualify through Voir-dire at any hearing or trial. My expertise includes: Determining probable yields from cannabis plants in all settings; Assessing amounts of usable cannabis from plant waste materials; Recognizing the range of cannabis amounts that people use for medical, spiritual or recreational purposes; Recognizing the methods of delivery that cannabis consumers utilize and Determining the cannabis plant conversion ratios necessary to make those products, in order to Determine the amounts of raw cannabis that consumers actually require; Assessing aggregate use amounts for patient associations, licensed dispensaries and delivery services; Drafting local regulations; Navigating state and local licensing requirements; Knowledge of law enforcement training and interactions as they relate to cannabis laws; Knowledge of cannabis cultivation and processing techniques; Recognizing mitigating factors that cause crop losses; Formation of patient collectives and cooperatives; Serving as a primary caregiver or lawful assistant to qualified patients; Cross examination of prosecution witnesses and experts; Examination of evidence; and Experience with property returns.

For more on my courtroom experience, please review Expert Witness Qualifications. For a detailed summary of the costs for these services, please review Fee Schedule Agreement. To retain my services, please sign the fee agreement and include a copy with your retainer payment or funding authorization. Thanks for your consideration. If you would like a consultation, you may leave a voice-mail or text-message at 530-736-6801, or email courtservices@fullcirclecannabis.com.

My personal background pertaining to my expertise and work history in the medical cannabis industry is as follows.

2016 – Present: – I currently aid clients with their commercial cannabis licensing and business formation goals, including assistance with license applications, interactions with local, state and federal agencies, formation of for-profit and non-profit entities, development of staff training materials & operations manuals, drafting of cannabis leases, assistance with state and federal trademark applications, and networking with other professionals necessary to achieve their goals (including attorneys, insurance agents, real estate appraisers, equipment manufacturers, environmental engineers, surveyors, packaging companies, security firms, etc.). I continue to provide court services, educational services and products, and political services to the cannabis industry…see fullcirclecannabis.com.

– 2015:

Served as a consultant to qualified individuals and their Associations throughout California. My Firm has offered Court Services, Third Party Assessments and Compliance Review, Educational Services, Business Formation Services and Political Advocacy. I formed FCCC in 2010, to streamline my services to the cannabis industry.

Served as a personal Assistant to several qualified individuals (patients and their primary caregivers) in my community.

Assisted clients’ post-conviction, aiding appellate attorneys and assisting the courts with identifying important elements, leading to successful appeals.

Personally, cultivated several indoor and outdoor cannabis gardens over the past sixteen years. Most of these gardens have been inspected and/or approved by local or state law enforcement officials. All have complied with local and state guidelines. This includes organizing and facilitating a small garden Collective (unincorporated association), for several qualified individuals residing in Tehama County, for the past fifteen years.

I have been a qualified patient under California law since 1998. I continue to use cannabis, in many forms, to alleviate suffering and to avoid taking more harmful substances. I maintain the recommendation of 1 or more licensed physicians to use cannabis for medical purposes, in amounts that I personally require. I also have a Patient Identification Card, issued to me by Department of Health Services.

Taught classes at Oaksterdam University and Cannabis Career Institute.

Developed educational services for various professions that could be used for continuing education courses.

– 2006:

Observed and studied the medical and legal data available to me regarding the medical use of marijuana and continued to collect scientific studies and legal updates in my personal library.

Consulted with many attorneys throughout California regarding their medical marijuana and personal use cases and occasionally served as an assistant investigator (I am not certified as a Private Investigator).

Continued to update myself on the local implementation guidelines of communities throughout the state. I also maintain occasional contact with many of our states’ legal cannabis providers (Patient Collectives and Primary Caregivers), Physicians specializing in cannabis medicine, as well as State and Local Officials from all three branches of government.

Personally, provided medical cannabis to dozens of patients, by serving as their primary caregiver. Sadly, I have also experienced the loss of patients’ lives passing away. While their suffering was lessened and their quality of life was improved from using cannabis, their loss can only be softened by the comfort in knowing that the People of California have recognized their right to end their lives with dignity and in relative comfort.

Continued to serve on the Board of Directors for the Medical Cannabis Association (an international, California based trade association).


Co-founded PHD (Patients’ Health Defense), a consumer cooperative / patients’ union, based out of San Francisco. Members of P.H.D. still advocate on behalf of qualified individuals in that fair city.

Initiated litigation against certain municipalities and law enforcement agencies in order to ensure patients’ rights and the sanctity of our democratic process.


Closed Humboldt Cannabis Center (2001), in order to comply with federal law and to protect our volunteers and employees from potential federal harassment or prosecution. Went on to advocate more direct means of patient access (from the garden, to the patient).

Served on the Board of Directors, as the Secretary for Humboldt Cannabis Center for five years. We proudly served over 2000 patients in the greater north coast area.

Personally, interviewed and questioned hundreds of patients throughout California regarding their experiences relating to the medical efficacy, harm reduction potential and cost benefit analysis of using cannabis for their personal, medical needs.

Served on the Board of Directors for the Medical Cannabis Association (an international California based trade association).

Served on the Board of Directors for Classic Pharmaceuticals Inc. (an organization dedicated to the re-marketing of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, such as those prescribed by physicians in the United States prior to 1937).

Served on the Humboldt County Medical Marijuana Implementation Committee and did so for over two years at the request and appointment of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

Co-authored a municipal ordinance to implement the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, with several qualified patients, the City Council, City Manager and Police Chief of Arcata, California (Ordinance # 1276).

Co-drafted the first municipal medical marijuana ID card for patients who qualify under California Health & Safety Code § 11362.5 in the State, with (now retired) Arcata Police Chief Mel Brown. I also assisted in lobbying for the Humboldt County Health Department to issue similar cards. They did so, at the bequest of the Board of Supervisors, and these cards helped to identify qualified individuals throughout Humboldt County, years before California finally implemented the statewide ID card program.

Personally, assisted dozens of patients in their various medical cannabis gardens and thereby witnessed their cultivation techniques and subsequent yields. Additionally, I occasionally observed and assisted the various cultivation projects of the Humboldt Medical Cannabis Center, and personally witnessed the harvesting and subsequent yields of those gardens as well.


Co-founded “Clinic 215”as an association of patients and their primary caregivers. Three months later, we changed Clinic 215 to Humboldt Cannabis Center. In May of 1999, we incorporated. Starting with fewer than thirty patients, our roster grew to include over two thousand patients in 2001.


Met with drafters of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 to discuss their intentions and the implications of our new law. I also met with numerous patients, primary caregivers, physicians, law enforcement agents, attorneys, health care administrators and providers, county supervisors, city council members and concerned citizens, in order to draft protocols for opening a medical cannabis dispensary in Humboldt County.

Began serving my first qualified patient, as his Primary Caregiver.


As a volunteer with Cannabis Action Network, I assisted in the registration of hundreds of voters, researched the legal standing of medical marijuana defenses, gathered hundreds of signatures for Proposition 215, and promoted the passage of such to thousands of people in the Humboldt County area. This was done through the organization and promotion of concerts, festivals and gatherings. On November 11, 1996, our combined efforts paid off, and the People of California enacted the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 into law.