For all. cannabis related criminal or civil court matters.

Full Circle Cannabis Consultations offers specific court services to attorneys and their clients in all criminal or civil matters related to cannabis, in Federal or State Court. Please consider keeping us in your contact list and share our information with any colleagues or clients who might benefit from accessing our services.


Our primary expert witness (Jason Browne) is court qualified in at least 18 California counties, and in California federal district courts. He is prepared to qualify under Voi-Dire in any jurisdiction, including in other States. Jason has qualified as an expert over 500 times and maintains up to 24 years and 5,000 – 20,000+ hours of experience in the following areas:

  • Cannabis Cultivation, Processing and Uses
  • Medical Cannabis Expertise
  • Cannabis Manufacturing
  • Law Enforcement training, testimony, and interactions
  • Current cannabis laws and regulations
  • Overseeing a cannabis dispensary


  • Examinations of evidence, including independent observations, photographs, videos and/or weighing of evidence items (Expert brings his own scale and recording device).
  • Drafting of written Reports and inventory sheets, on request.
  • Personal Testimony regarding the findings, at any court procedure, hearing or trial;
  • Examinations of all relevant discovery and preparation of case analysis for attorney;
  • Independently interviewing witnesses, taking photographic or video evidence, taking measurements and analyzing data, as needed;
  • Legal and factual research and assistance with development of points and authorities, cross examinations, legal arguments, jury instructions.
  • Interviewing professionals or other experts and review of educational materials and publications, for offers of allowable hearsay testimony, and;
  • Serving as courtroom investigator, during proceedings where witnesses are normally barred from the courtroom. This service includes assistance with legal research, taking notes, offering reminders during direct or cross examinations and assisting with input regarding case strategy in between court sessions.


Full Circle Cannabis Consultations maintains joint marketing agreements with several professional service providers, including CPA’s, Insurance Brokers, Attorneys, Physicians, Real Estate Brokers, Security Firms, Cannabis and Hemp Cultivators, Manufacturers, Testing Laboratories, Packaging Companies, Lobbyists, News Media Organizations and more. Marketing partners may also be available for testimony:

Additionally, F.C.C.C. sometimes sub-contracts with Private Investigators and Process Servers, on an “as needed” basis.

Transcripts generated from actual testimony may be obtained by Full Circle Cannabis Consultations for archival and research purposes. Additionally, transcripts from such cases that have been resolved may be used for educational purposes (with appropriate redactions where required by law).


$150 per hour of service, plus travel expenses as required (mileage or airfare, meals & accommodations) w/ $1050 minimum, non-refundable retainer. See our Fee Schedule Agreement for complete rates and estimations, as well as our discount policies and options for special arrangements. Public cases where Expert is listed as an approved vendor receive discounted rate of $100 / hour. Either Client or Attorney must sign and return our Fee Schedule Agreement, with a retainer payment or court authorization for funds (in amounts agreed to by this Firm), to implement this Agreement. Once both parties have signed the Fee Schedule Agreement and a retainer or funding order has been received, the Agreement is in full force and effect.

Please visit our website for more information:
Contact Jason Browne at 530-528-0215 (Office) or 530-736-6801 (Cell).
Mail: P.O. Box 9152, Red Bluff, California 96080

Expert Witness Qualifications for Jason Browne

June 2021

Jason Browne co-founded Full Circle Cannabis Consultations (F.C.C.C.) in 2010 to provide a continuum of legal, educational services and products to the emerging new cannabis industry, after spending the proceeding fifteen years working in California’s cannabis movement and industry. F.C.C.C. provides expert witness and courtroom investigation services to attorneys in cannabis related criminal and civil cases. F.C.C.C. also produces educational products for the cannabis industry, and Jason Browne has served as an instructor for various cannabis colleges and trade schools. F.C.C.C. also provides clients (and their attorneys) with business formation assistance, trademark / service mark assistance and help with Commercial Cannabis / Hemp License and Permit Applications under M.A.U.C.R.S.A. These services are available to clients wanting to start a new business or non-profit organization, as well as those who just want to improve their existing operation’s compliance with California’s regulations.
Jason Browne also serves as Chief Executive Officer to Cannabis Liberation League – California (a 501-C-4 that provides local chapter opportunities throughout the State).
For a more detailed summary of Jason Browne’s experiences related to the medical cannabis industry, his Curriculum Vitae is available online at
Jason Browne has been qualified as an expert witness in the following California jurisdictions: Del Norte, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino, Butte, Nevada, Solano, Sonoma, Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, El Dorado, Lake, Santa Clara and Glen Counties; and within California’s Federal District Courts. He has qualified as an expert witness over 500 times.

  • Jason Browne’s cannabis related expertise includes the following:
  • Cannabis Cultivation, Processing and Use (24 years & 20,000 hours+)
  • Providing determinations of probable cannabis yields, as assessed from plant canopy measurements or from total wet or dry plant weights;
  • Estimating the potential yield of cannabis farms and then compared that estimate to the actual yield of the farms, many dozens of times;
  • Has read many U.S., Canadian, and European government studies regarding cannabis cultivation, cannabis plant yields and the effects of cannabis use;
  • Has studied the 1992 Department of Justice report on Cannabis Yields and has applied that methodology to estimate cannabis yields;
  • Investigating and determining the total cannabis use requirements for any qualified individual, and the aggregate cannabis amounts used by of groups of such individuals;
  • Understanding the methods of delivery employed by qualified individuals using cannabis (including inhaled smoke, inhaled vapor, edibles, topical applications, various forms of concentrated cannabis, and atomization;
  • Providing assessments of the ratios of usable and non-usable cannabis plant materials;
    Understanding cannabis cultivation techniques, expenses, reasons for crop losses, pest control methods, security protocols, infrastructure and labor requirements and more, for indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, soil based and soilless or hydroponic gardens;
  • Medical Cannabis Expertise (21+ years and 20,000+ hours)
  • Is completely familiar with California’s pre-existing medical cannabis laws, including a detailed understanding of the interactions of primary caregivers and personal assistants with qualified patients, and has first-hand knowledge regarding the formation and operations of cannabis related Associations, Collectives and Cooperatives.
  • Has researched and developed various cannabis industry standards and protocols, including data tracking requirements to assure closed-loop transactions, introduction of better business practices and better farming practices, and the direct access model vs. the profit model of cannabis dispensation.
  • Is familiar with the published research of other experts, and of various medical cannabis publications regarding the needs of qualified patients.
  • Experience and knowledge with cannabis manufacturing (23 years)
  • Had personally processed and manufactured all manner of cannabis plant conversions, for his own personal medical purposes, for 17 years. These included: extracting cannabis in lipids; extracting cannabis in water; extracting cannabis through extreme temperatures; extracting cannabis under pressure and extracting cannabis using various other solvents, including but not limited to, petroleum ether, methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, white gas, and ethanol.
  • Have observed and researched other methods of cannabis extractions, including those utilizing CO2, Butane, Propane and Hexane.
  • Have read literature, articles, reports, scientific analysis and studies, published by other experts (including chemists, professors, research physicians and other cannabis industry consultants), in regard to the various methods, techniques and safety protocols used to process or manufacture cannabis concentrates and other forms of plant conversions.
  • Has personally consumed various cannabis plant conversions for his own medical purposes, for the past 23 years. These include cannabis foods, beverages, lipid infusions, concentrates of all types (keif/charas, hashish, hash oil, honey oil, wax, shatter, crumble, distillate, etc.…), tinctures (both grain alcohol and glycerin based), topicals (salves, ointments, liniments, poultices, baths, steams, masques) and cannabis atomizers (inhalers).
  • Consulted with cannabis processing and manufacturing experts, who maintain government licensed laboratory facilities, including discussions about industry protocols for assuring the purity of cannabis products for consumer protection.
  • Consulted directly with cannabis testing laboratories in California, regarding the percentages of various cannabinoids (including but not limited to THC) and the presence or absence of chemical residues contained in various cannabis concentrates.
  • Consulted directly with cannabis dispensaries, distributors and manufacturers, regarding cannabis cultivars, grades and wholesale / retail prices for raw cannabis and various plant conversions, including concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals and blends.
  • Has testified numerous times as an expert witness regarding the processing or manufacturing of cannabis plant conversions, including raw cannabis conversion ratios and their relationship to patient use patterns and methods of delivery.
  • Experience with law enforcement training, testimony, and interactions (23 years)
  • Has personally witnessed law enforcement inspections and investigations of his own cannabis farms (Jason Browne has never been arrested or prosecuted for cultivating cannabis);
  • Has witnessed the testimony of officers and reviewed the contents of police reports over 500 times;
  • Has researched (and can provide the courts with copies of) official California Narcotics Officers’ Association position-papers regarding medical cannabis. These papers are the foundation of the attitudes and training materials currently used by law enforcement throughout California, regarding their investigations of cannabis;
  • Has personally witnessed court-ordered cannabis property returns;
    Is familiar with the Court Ordered re-training mandate for California Highway Patrol, stemming from their Settlement Agreement in the lawsuit brought by Americans for Safe Access.
  • Experienced with Current Cannabis Laws and Regulations (5 years)
  • Has firsthand knowledge of the latest developments within the cannabis industry, including the current taxation and regulatory schemes adopted under California’s new adult use and medical cannabis statutes (known as “M.A.U.C.R.S.A.”). Is also familiar with Local Permitting and Licensing processes throughout California, and of the requirements for obtaining State Licenses by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.
  • Experienced with overseeing a Cannabis Dispensary (5 years)
  • Co-founded and managed a medical cannabis dispensary (the first one in Humbold County) for 5 years, from 1997 through 2002. Jason formed Clinic-215, and reformed it as Humboldt Medical Cannabis Center, starting with 36 members and ending with over 2000 members, serving the greater Humboldt area for five years, during the very beginning of California’s medical cannabis industry.

  • Thanks for your consideration of our services.
    Jason Browne (F.C.C.C.) 530-528-0215 / 530-736-6801


Expert Witness Services include:

  • Review of all relevant discovery
  • Examination and weighing of evidence
  • Legal research, case analysis / reports for attorneys as needed
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Independent investigations
  • Expert Testimony at hearings and trials

Fee Schedule and Agreement

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DRUID Impairment Evaluation App?

There has been a peer-reviewed evaluation of DRUID accepted for publication, testing alcohol-impaired volunteers at police academy wet labs.  The author is a local professor and DRE who has embargoed the paper and results until it appears, which hopefully will be in April 2019.  Micheal Milburn, Ph.D. also has a colleague at Johns Hopkins who has been using DRUID in his dosage- and placebo-controlled cannabis administration studies.  Milburn thinks that data collection is nearing completion and hopefully can be presented in an open-access online journal so it will be available right away.  The PDF file below contains graphs that show how well DRUID performs.

In terms of scientific validation, NIH/NIDA just funded Milburn’s SBIR grant for validation research on DRUID.  His scientific reviews for the proposal were stellar.  Here is Milburn’s argument.

This recent report from the Center on Media, Crime and Justice at John Jay College lists DRUID as the only objective measure of impairment for the roadside.

DRUID Information 10-24-18 – PDF