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Shared Post: CALIBERTY.ORG Weekly Shout Out 11/18/14


California Liberty Alliance
Open House Meeting

7 p.m. Wednesday, 11/19/14

North River Chapter
2643 Henderson Rd., Redding, CA 96002

North River Chapter

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North River Chapter serves the Siskiyou, Shasta and Tehama county areas. Our primary focus in Shasta County will be instigating legal challenges against Measure A, as well as drafting ballot measures for the 2015 election cycle that will allow voters to reign in local governments by mandating uniform compliance with California laws.

Our unique membership categories, dues structure and fundraising options make California Liberty Alliance the ultimate umbrella organization. Our tent includes all lawful consumers, producers and providers of cannabis, as well as every business, organization and individual that supports a well-regulated and legal cannabis industry. We’re a 501-C-4 with local chapters developing throughout California, and have partnered with a Political Action Committee, in order to provide a comprehensive strategy to democratize and legalize the cannabis industry, through the advancement of community and industry educational forums, professional consultations, targeted litigations and political activities at the state and local levels.

Please visit our North River Chapter, at any of our regularly scheduled Open House meetings and consider joining our growing membership. Visit caliberty.org and consider starting or joining a Local Chapter anywhere in California.  Lend your voice to our efforts, and influence the course of our activities through direct participation in our Subcommittees. Pool your resources through our combined membership dues and statewide fundraising efforts, knowing that your money will be spent addressing local matters that directly impact your rights. Take advantage of our membership referral program, and reduce your membership dues, or even earn extra money for your time. Help us grow California Liberty Alliance, from the ground up, as our State Chapter and Political Action Committee prepares to endorse or draft 2016 initiative language to legalize and decriminalize adult cannabis use in California.

California Liberty Alliance is democratically organized and inclusive of every component of the cannabis industry. Our membership includes many ancillary and auxiliary businesses that understand the benefits of a uniform, statewide, regulated cannabis industry. Unlike other organizations that proclaim to stand up for your rights, California Liberty Alliance is not beholden to vested interests that seek to monopolize the cannabis industry. Our operations are completely transparent and our model prepares every Local Chapter to form its own 501-C-4. Our primary purposes include protection of the private property rights, personal medical rights and privacy rights of all qualified individuals within California (i.e. those who lawfully use cannabis in accordance with state laws). Our Chapters will provide educational, legal and political solutions to communities wanting to defend themselves against the discriminatory and unconstitutional actions of local governments. We shall no longer accept the imposition of second-class status or the infringement of our rights by those who hide their efforts behind the smoke screen of cannabis prohibition! The time to act is now, and we are inviting you all to join us.


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Q&A: Your Friendly Neighborhood Marijuana Consultant, Jason Browne

By Paul Wachter, Esquire Magazine, 01/31/2013

Last fall, Washington state became one of the first two states (along with Colorado) to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Now, Washington’s Liquor Control Board, tasked with implementing the policy, is hiring consultants to advise government officials on every aspect of the process, including cultivation, transportation, sales, and quality control. The state is expected to begin sales in December, when anyone over twenty-one will be able purchase up to an ounce of marijuana. Continue reading

Just Say No to Compliance Inspections and Nuisance Abatement

By Jason Browne

An alarming tactic is being deployed against lawfully operated cannabis farms throughout California, called the “nuisance ordinance”. Wherever it’s adopted, the lawful cannabis related activities of patients, within their own homes and on their own property, have become a supposed “public nuisance”. The opponents of a well-regulated and taxed cannabis industry use the nuisance ordinance to intimidate and confuse law abiding patients into waiving their rights, under the guise of “compliance”. These nuisance ordinances all stem from one source, and are really the same ordinance, being copied around the state and used by municipalities (instead of having legitimate public discourse that would produce locally derived and meaningful legislation.) The template of the nuisance ordinance was drafted by attorneys working at the behest of various law-enforcement associations. Continue reading

Open Letter to California Senator Mark Leno

Senator Mark Leno,                                     07/18/2012

This correspondence is a request for your Office, in possible coordination with John Vasconcellos, to please consider issuing another Letter of Intent regarding specific matters contained within the M.M.P.A. My consulting firm has encountered an increasing number of district attorney offices and law enforcement agencies throughout California conducting similar misapplications of law (we provide Court Services, among other things). I believe that a Congressional Letter of Intent may once again be the simplest way to assist our Courts with their reasoned interpretation of our compassionate use laws and to set the public record straight, regarding the following matters: Continue reading